Maria works as an International Sales Manager for the popular and fast-growing fashion brand; Baum und Pferdgarten. Maria is explorative and brave as a person, which is reflected in her actions – and style! In the pictures Maria styles her favorite JoDis pieces.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm a 25 years old sales professional from Finland. I moved to Denmark 2,5 years ago and got an idea to start my own Vintage business online. I had worked with vintage clothes before, but wanted to try it out here. At the same time I started my journey with luxury fashion, after working as a skincare and makeup professional for almost seven years full-time. Two years ago, I started my dream job as an International Sales Manager for the Danish luxury fashion brand, Baum Und Pferdgarten. This job has taught me so much about fashion, and I find it so cool to learn new things every day from my inspirational clients and colleagues.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
Mornings are very holy to me. I have always loved to work out in the morning, but on my free mornings, I put Radio Helsinki on, boil an egg, and get some vitamins. Then I drink coffee, get ready and read the news.

What do you always have with you when you leave the house?
I always bring my notebook, MAC lipstick, and sunglasses.

When you have time off, what do you enjoy doing?
I'm quite an extroverted person, but I also enjoy my time alone. I like to read self-help books. I also meditate in the form of painting, cleaning, or cooking. I also used to work for many years as a makeup artist, so I like to create fun looks for myself or my friends.

How would you describe your style? 
I'm forever overdressing, and I don't acknowledge that there should be certain occasions to dress up. I like to wear masculine things with a girly twist. For example, to mix sporty things with party dresses.

What is fashion to you?
It's a way of self-expression. I use it as a tool to tell the story of who I am without introducing myself.

Has your style always been the same? 
My style has been evolving since I was a kid – almost every year, so definitely no. My mom is a dressmaker, so I have always been into trying new things, and she has been helping me make my fashion dreams come true from a young age. I have tried everything from the EMO scene to the all-black Berlin style. Ever since I moved to Denmark, I have been keener to play with colors. I love to try new things, and find new ways to use colors and forms. I have always been into vintage, good craftsmanship, and interesting design.

Where do you seek inspiration when it comes to fashion? 
I love to look into what has already been made in history. I read a lot of books about fashion design, and magazines. I create Pinterest and Instagram boards for inspiration. Lately, I have been very into the Y2k fashion shows, Britney & Paris era, and early 2000s RNB music videos.

Do you have any rule of thumb when creating a good outfit?
Dress the way that makes you feel the most you. Dare to go crazy and try new color/print combinations. Always choose a fun shoe & accessories for the look to make it complete.

What is your go-to look?
I love to wear skirts and dresses from Baum Und Pferdgarten, with boots or loafers. Big blazers, mix-and-match colors! And not to forget accessories and fun bags, especially Dior sunglasses!